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Raitt Law, PLLC

Personal Injury Attorneys

We get the

Results You Deserve!

We Get The Results You Deserve!

  • 6.95 Million
    Wrongful Death
  • 4.6 Million – Personal Injury
  • 1.45 Million – Personal Injury
  • 1.25 Million – Car Accident
  • 1.2 Million – Car Accident

6.95 Million
Wrongful Death

4.6 Million
Personal Injury

1.45 Million
Personal Injury

1.2 Million
Car Accident

Attorneys Bobby Raitt and Drew Ruby will fight to get you what you deserve!

At Raitt Law, our civil litigation attorneys have one goal: obtaining justice for our clients when they are injured from another’s misconduct. We specialize in injury work, and that’s all we do. Your case will not get lost in the shuffle or given to another lawyer. From the very first time we speak to you, through the resolution of your case, we will remain your trusted advocates.

Car Accidents

When a car accident happens, your car will need repairs, and you may need medical attention for your injuries. Even with insurance, you may be worried about how you’re going to handle the financial burden. Our Michigan car accident attorneys have extensive experience handling these types of cases.

Truck Accidents

Having proper legal representation after a commercial truck accident can help you ensure a fair outcome, a timely claims process, and sufficient compensation for your losses. An experienced Michigan truck accident attorney can help you pursue your claim and receive the appropriate outcome.

Premises (Slip & Fall)

Our Michigan slip and fall lawyers are experienced attorneys who are ready to fight for you. We are trained and determined legal experts who focus on helping premises accident victims. Our premises injury lawyers will help you receive the compensation that you deserve.

Worksite Injuries

Construction work varies, and there are many ways to get hurt on the job. Our construction site injury attorneys understand the unique considerations associated with each incident. The Raitt Law team handles litigation arising from all types of worksite accidents.

Raitt Law PLLC Car Accident Attorneys Southfield MI
Southfield Michigan Auto Accident Attorneys - Raitt Law, PLLC

We are committed to providing dedicated legal representation for clients who have suffered an injury.

about our law firm

Personal Injury Attorney Bobby Raitt

Over the course of his career, Bobby has worked tirelessly for those injured due to the negligence of others. He is a past President of the Michigan Trial Lawyers Organization (MAJ), and past chair of the State Bar’s Negligence section. He has been a speaker in Lansing on issues related to Michigan’s no-fault automobile insurance laws.

In The Media

Read About Raitt Law in the Detroit Lawyer Magazine

Attorneys Bobby Raitt and Drew Ruby were recently featured in Detroit Lawyer Magazine. Check out their front-page cover and accompanying articles! Please take a moment to read about the roots of Raitt Law and its lawyers.

In The Media

Bobby Raitt on Insider Exclusive: $4.6 Million Jury Verdict in Wayne County.

In this insider exclusive network TV special, “Justice in America – CVS & Mildred Thomas’s Story”, the news team is on location in Detroit Michigan, discussing the case with Mildred’s trial lawyer, Bobby Raitt, Founder, Raitt Law.